Monday, September 9, 2013

Breakfast: The Start Of All Weight Loss

Breakfast: The Start Of All Weight Loss

Plenty of parents irritate their children with this on a daily basis, trying to get them into the habit of eating breakfast although one in six adults actually never eat breakfast themselves, and one in four skip breakfast during the week.

Understandably it can be difficult for those who are busy to fit in a breakfast but it should be a necessity because of the health benefits it provides.

One of the greatest benefits of having breakfast on a morning is that it provides you with an enormous amount of energy which is great for getting you started on your busy schedule during the day.

Many experts recommend that between twenty and thirty percent of your daily food intake should come from breakfast.

Another one of the greatest benefits is the brain boost you get from eating breakfast! Who wouldn't want that? For anyone who's going to be working during the day, which is the majority of us, being able to complete work to a higher standard and more efficiently will please everyone. This goes for kids as well, education is helped greatly by adding breakfast to the start of your day.

The final benefit I'm going to talk about is that it's a key factor for weight loss. With breakfast being the first meal of the day, having a nutritional one and having it as close to waking up as possible will start your metabolism immediately.

For those of you that don't know, the metabolism is the part of the body which digests food and when this isn't working as it should, food is stored instead of digested, resulting in weight gain. Keeping that metabolism going throughout the day is just as important is it is to get it going in the first place, although after a certain period of time in the morning, it'll not work properly for the rest of the day without breakfast.

Trying to fit breakfast into a busy schedule can be even more difficult when you're always on the move but there are many ways to combat this.

Having meal replacement bars is one of the greatest ways to combat this as they're easy, and quick, to eat and in many instances work better than the normal breakfast you would have.

As much as we've spoken about the importance of breakfast, keeping your metabolism going throughout the day is just as important as getting it started in the morning. Keeping it going by having a mid-morning snack, lunch then dinner is the best way to do this, all healthy of course.

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